Quilters and Patchworkers of Otago (Inc.) has a good range of members, young and old, city and rural quilters, experienced patchworkers and quilters and members just starting out on their quilting journey. Many are experienced quilters who are only too willing to help the less experienced or newer members or the experienced members trying a new technique.  We are never too old to stop learning. Many of our foundation members are still active members and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We hold work days mainly on Saturdays but sometimes on a Sunday where you can work on your own projects.

Three times a year we hold a Camp In The City weekend where you can patch and quilt uninterrupted from your daily chores. You get to sleep in your own bed. Once a year you can get away from it all and spend the weekend at our retreat.

Over the years Quilters and Patchworkers of Otago (Inc.) has hosted quilt makers of international and national acclaim and is always actively pursuing opportunities to promote quilting. We have been fortunate to classes tutored by our own members who are teaching within New Zealand and internationally. We also run an exhibition bi-annually.

Local charitable organisations benefit from the generosity of our members with regular donations of quilts.