Coral and Jade Challenge 2020

This year, as it is the club’s 35th anniversary, the challenge will be ‘Coral and Jade’. The quilted piece must be in jade and/or coral colours, OR portray jade (the green ornamental mineral) or coral (the reef builders in tropical oceans) in any form.

Any size and any techniques welcome, but it must be THREE layers and quilted. Bags, table mats, wall hangings etc acceptable as long as they comprise of the three layers and quilted. Challenge items to be handed in at the September meeting.

We will present the following awards for the challenge entries at our AGM in October 2020.

Prizes to be awarded:
The Prue Paape Award for overall excellence
The Liddy Rekker Cup for machine quilting
Quilters & Patchworkers of Otago Award for hand quilting

This year we have added a new award:

Quilters & Patchworkers of Otago Award for First time entry